Grant McFarlane

Grant McFarlane


Statistics suggest that each of us will change our career at least three times during our working life. Grant McFarlane has gone from automotive engineering, to training management of over 300 engineering and electrical trades apprentices and trainees; and finally in 1999, to establishing the horticultural media resources business, ‘Seeing Green’.

Initially focussing on supplying horticultural images, this business has become more diverse over the years, having expanded into website development and management. Grant specializes in supplying images of tropical and sub-tropical plants to the horticultural industry, gardening media and book publishers. He has been a finalist in HMAA Joy Harland Award for photography and his images are popular as canvas art pieces.

Grant also co-hosts international garden tours with his wife Annette McFarlane, acts as a proof reader and editor, and undertakes general business management duties in support of Annette’s media commitments. He is the current Secretary of HMAQ and is also co-author of a book (non-horticultural) published by the former Kangaroo Press.


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