Peter Young

Peter Young


Peter Young is an internationally renowned fruit tree expert based on the Sunshine Coast. A former Department of Primary Industries (Nambour) horticulture extension officer, he is the former owner, founder and managing director of Birdwood Nursery at Woombye on the Sunshine Coast.

Peter and his wife Sandra first launched Birdwood Nursery in 1978. From a small accredited avocado nursery it grew to become Queensland’s leading tropical and sub-tropical fruit tree production nursery, employing more than 40 people over 26 hectares and producing a broad range of fruit trees including avocado, citrus, coffee, raspberry, papaw, passionfruit, fig, mango, custard apples, perennial chilli, kiwifruit, persimmon, low chill stone fruit, dragonfruit and many more. Producing more than 150,000 trees annually, the nursery was recognised as Australia’s Best large Production Nursery at state and national level when under the Young’s management.

Peter has four decades of Industry expertise in pest, disease and weed-prevention strategies and is a world-leading expert in fruit tree grafting, budding and marcotting propagation including avocado clonal rootstock production. Under his ownership Birdwood Nursery was the first fruit tree nursery to become accredited in 2011 under the national HACCP bio-security management system.

More about Peter
• Involved with the Queensland Garden Expo from its inception in 1985 and Chairman of both the Queensland Garden Expo and the Brisbane International Garden Show.
• Winner of numerous awards including Qld Nurseryman of the Year 1997, the 2010-11 NGIQ Environment Award; 2011 National Bio-security Farmer of the Year award for his efforts in producing disease-free fruit trees and vines and the NGIA 2016 Award of Honour for his service to the Australian nursery industry.
• International consulting – previously Java and Oman (UN) and recently in Vietnam (ACIAR) and New Zealand
• Speaks at international conferences and local horticultural events.
• Has written papers and articles for numerous industry magazines
• Appears from time to time on television news and gardening related programs.
• Instrumental in raising the profile of the nursery industry and getting more people involved with sustainable gardening.

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